Elgin Pocket Watches

History of the Elgin National Watch Company
(Elgin, IL 1864-1964):

Formed in 1864 as the National Watch Company of Elgin, Illinois, the company officially changed its name to the "Elgin National Watch Company" in 1874. Some of the founders of the company, including P. S. Bartlett, had previously worked for the Waltham Watch Company. With the exception of the so-called "dollar" watches, Elgin made more pocket watches than any other single watch company over 55 million of them and made them in all sizes and grades.

-- from The New Collector's Guide to Pocket Watches, © 2000 Barry S. Goldberg

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Early Pre-Elgin "National Watch Company" pocket watch. Size 10, Model 4, "Gail Borden" grade, key wind and key set from the rear, with 11 jewels. The watch is housed in a simply stunning 14K gold hunter case. Ca. 1873
Elgin Size 16, Model 7, Grade "162" with 21 jewels. Stem wind, pendant set. Gorgeous 3-finger bridge movement with gold jewel settings and a gold train. Housed in a nice gold-filled open face case. Ca. 1896.
Elgin 18 Size Model #8, "Veritas" railroad approved pocket watch. It is stem wind and lever set and has 23 jewels. It is housed in a plain polished Silverode case. The serial number of 8400348 dates it to about 1900.

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